A Few Florentine Facts

While I may have skipped out on the David, the Duomo and literally anything on anyone’s list of things to do in Florence, fear not I haven’t been an entirely worthless glutton.

1.Rumor has it, these tiny, hobbit like doors on old buildings were used to deliver wine.

2.The Florentine trend is to spend evenings (hot or cold) outside and on the steps of the many churches in the many squares in Florence. There are many bars in the piazzas and drinkers just grab a glass and hit the steps for a long night of socializing.

3.While most Italians do love their espresso, a MOKA is far more traditional Italian coffee. This is the coffee pot. You fill the bottom well up with water, add the filter on top, spoon the coffee grounds in liberally, and screw on the top spout. You simply leave this at very low flame until the coffee has risen up into the top well with the spout. Ta-Dah!

4.The buses in Florence are used by almost everyone and the control who happily write 75euro fines for not having a ticket have taken a new approach. Instead of wearing an identifiable uniform, the controllers now dress like you and I to be more discreet. So beware!

5.As hilariously told by the bar owner and friend of my local Florentine, almost all of the Italian men young tourists meet at the clubs and stumble romantically back through the city centre with, shoes in hand, are actually Albanian.

6.Italians are best at waste not, want not. Here, we have the leftover Pici pasta from the other night mixed with zucchini that was about to lose its life, cooked in water and olive oil until all of the water was gone. They will not spare a drop of anything. The marmalade jar was dead by my means and it was put back into the fridge with a certainty that it was not finished. How they scraped the inside of that jar any cleaner than it was is beyond me, but by the time they were finished with it, it looked as if I’d washed that glass jar with a sponge.

7.The new library in Florence near the Duomo has a nice terrace level with coffee bar that offers up an amazing view of the Duomo that will be sure to have no straw hats or fanny packs blocking your shot.

8. In the Piaza near the Uffizi Gallery, there is a statue of Perseus dangling Medusa’s head. If you go round and take a gander at the back of his head, you will see a face. It is the sculptor’s signature and self portait.

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